Vesevo is the old name of the Vesuvius, the famous still-active volcano in the surroundings of Napoli. Vesevo is also the name of a brand new musical project where southern Italian traditional music rises again thanks to a modern twist, like the unstoppable lava flow on the cover art of its debut album. The members of this ensemble are Antonio Di Ponte (voice and guitar), Antonio Fraioli (violin and arrangements), and Francesco Paolo Manna (frame drums), armed with an extensive experience in the research, the practice and the teaching of these perennial musical traditions. Fraioli and Manna are members of the former Real World signed band Spaccanapoli augmented by Di Ponte with a vocal style honed by years of performing in festivals. The band’s name comes out from an epitaph by the spanish viceroy Zunica in Portici after the tremendous eruption happened in 1631: this was to admonish people to escape from that dangerous land. The cover of the album is taken by a painting by Annapia Ferrara inspired to this epitaph.